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Quinta da Abelheira has a panoply of different activity partners, from which you can take advantage at your stay. Book with us and have some great vacations.

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Farm Activities

You can choose to walk along 2 trails at the Estate, enjoy the flora, the birds and the beautiful Azorean landscapes. These include:
* Agricultural Trail – A shorter trail where you can get to know the Farm agricultural activity and participate in rural work;
* Landscape trail – A trail with a special focus on the landscapes, stopping at several viewpoints where you can contemplate different views of the Island;

Partnership activities include

If you want to spend a quiet family day at sea, taking advantage of the fact that the Azores are one of the best places in the world for whale watching, then this is the ideal activity for you.
Through daily trips lasting approximately 3 hours each year, in the morning or in the afternoon, you will be entitled for a briefing, where the whole history of hunting and whale watching is suitably explained and then proceed to the observation.
For more information or bookings for this activity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you want to make new aquatic acquitances, we offer you the opportunity to swim with dolphins, allowing you to know and interact better with this animal within its natural habitat.

When entering the water, properly equipped with wetsuit and diving mask, you’ll be marvelled with the dolphins swimming around you. This is a great opportunity to be very close to them and even hear them. It is certainly an experience you will never forget.

For more information or bookings for this activity, please contact us.

You will be able to explore the diversity of the Azorean Fauna and Flora through many different tours.

You can choose the type of walking tours (trails with different durations and difficulties).The tours are diverse and tailor-made, and will take you to all the natural beauties of the Island, from the coast to the interior; Sete Cidades, Lagoa do Fogo, Furnas, Nordeste – always with a local guide.

For more information or bookings for this activity, please contact us.


You will be able to put into practice your diving skills, which can be acquired at the Quinta da Abelheira diving lessons, and get a better understanding of the maritime life of the Azorean Islands.

With a mild temperature and excellent visibility, the Azorean sea allows you to get to know a diverse fauna and flora underwater. We provide you with an unforgettable experience, showing that not everything worth seeing in the

Azores is above water level.

For more information or bookings for this activity, please contact us.

The Azores Archipelago is an important destination for many marine species that make seasonal migrations thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean. There is a lot of bait around – a vital food source that attracts and sustains these large fish during their migration.
Depending on the season, you may find:
* April and June: Tuna, Patudos, Galha-a-ré and Rabilos;
* June to October:Sharks, Marracho / Rinquim, Titre and Hammer-shark;
* July to October:Marlin (blue & White), Spearfish, Wahoo, Golden-fishes and Tuna;
* All year-round inshore fishing: Bicudas, Serras, Anchovies, Lilies, Perch and Grouper.
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Diving Lessons

Get prepared for the next water adventure
You can try diving lessons in our swimming pool as a method of preparation for sea diving.

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