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Quinta da Abelheira is located in Fajã de Baixo, at 3.7 km from Ponta Delgada city, in São Miguel Island - Azores Archipelago. The proprety is located in an extensive forest area with hundreds of species typical of the Azorean fauna & flora. The main house, completely refurbished by the new owners, is flanked by a large lawn area in the center of which has a lovely swimming pool. The large porch and the several nooks are decorated with comfortable sofas and sunbeds, which invites you to rest and read.

There is also a barbecue area and a fresh and crystal clear water fountain decorated with 18th century tiles. Climbing the mountain trail towards the top, you can enjoy a quiet and soothing peace only interrupted by the bird chirping of different species. At the top, there is an amazing belvedere that offers a privileged view of the green landscape and the waters of the Atlantic. Sea lovers will be delighted by the fantastic sandy beaches - Pópulo and Milícias, less than 2 km away.

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Unmissable in São Miguel Island

Lagoa do Fogo Lake

Breath-taking lake on top of a mountain
One of the most iconic sightseeing in São Miguel Island. Discover this place by car (steep road) and if you enjoy hiking, walk around the lake, go downstairs near the water by a trail and enjoy all the quiet and luxurious nature has to offer. It’s is simply astonishing.

Sete Cidades Lake

The Top Natural Wonder of Portugal
This place is unique in the world. You’ll see traces of landscape from Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, and as far as Hawaii and Japan. This place combines all the great types of nature that you can see in just one glance. That’s why it was considered the Top Natural Wonder among the 7 Wonders of Portugal.

Furnas Lake

The Enchanted Valley
If there was a place in Disney fairy tales to describe the enchanted valley, this would be it. Furnas is such an amazing place, taking into consideration all of its diversity regarding nature itself. Here you can check beautiful landscapes and even glimpses from the Old Planet Earth as it was millions of years ago on the Jurassic Era – there’s geysers all over the place (called caldeira or furna), fresh water springs, hot springs and a lot, lot more. Try the Cozido!

Congro Lake

An astonishing hidden lake
Ready for a moment of walking and enjoying the luxurious nature of São Miguel? Then this will definitely be your place. Right in the center of the Island and near Furnas, you will find an amazing path between fauna and flora that will take your breath away, to one of the most outstanding lakes. The view down there is a vibrant blend of yellow, green and blue.

São Brás Lake

One of the most beautiful lakes
Up for a hiking moment, and enjoy the luxurious nature of São Miguel Island? This will definitely be the place to go. Deep inside the Island and near Furnas, you’ll find a surprising path midst lavish fauna and flora that will lead you to one of the most beautiful and astonishing lakes. The view downstairs is a vibrant mix of yellow, green and blue.


The only tea plantation in Europe
If you just love tea or want to wander around the magnificent north coast green landscape, between tea leafs with a gracious view over the Atlantic, then this is the place. Here you can taste fresh made tea out of the steaming box, check how they manufacture (cut & trim leafs) and all the process in between. This is a must visit place.

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