Lagoa do Fogo


Lagoa do Fogo


Lagoa do Fogo

Lagoa do Fogo

Deluxe Room

The deluxe rooms have a 35m2 area and they’re all equipped with a King Bed, sofa, closet, free WiFi, cable TV, dedicated air conditioning for heating and cooling, dehumidifier, and they offer private bathrooms.

There’s a supply of fruit and water delivered every day, and the possibility to add an extra bed in this room. Included services as follows.


Pool Towels
Ballroom Dance Lessons*
Pillow Menu
Water aerobics class*

* with a minimum enrollment of 6 people

Additional Services

Laundry Services
Babysitting service
Bar service
Transfer from / to Airport

Private Park

Privileged view

Harmony with Nature

Community spirit

Price Range

Low Deason
01/01 - 28/02 | 01/11 - 31/12


Intermediate Season
01/03 - 31/05 | 01/10 - 31/10


High Season
01/06 - 30/09



Garden Overview

Step outside each morning and take a look all over the property and Ponta Delgada city down the hill. You can either relax, make the trail up hill and watch the Atlantic, hear the birds, feel the wind, read a book or just enjoy exploring.

Superb Breakfast

It's the most important meal of the day and we take that seriously. Join the table for fresh veggies, fruits, croissants, butter, and milk - traditional food wonders of the Azores. Ingredients are homemade. Look also for the champagne, water, coffee and tea.

Estate Tour

Experience some of the best typical tiles from the Azores - blue and white colours mostly. All of them have a story to tell: some from hard working, love poetry and even others just about the Island. They were built within the Estate around the 18th century.

Ride Your Path

We've got them already prepared for you. Take the chance for a bike ride: follow the main road and you'll get to the Ocean quickly, hence to Ponta Delgada - it's only 4km away from Quinta da Abelheira and it's perfectly safe all the way down and up. Enjoy!!

Tailored Guided Tours

Consult us to find out about all the available tours we have for our guests. Although the tours might change from time to time due to weather conditions, we always have a plan that suits marvellous experiences.
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